Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last saturday we went for a speed visit to Amsterdam, to attend the "stranger festival" awards ceremony as three (!!!) films we produced at the Burundi workshop in august 2008 were nominated. And yes, one of them won, in the "one minute of freedom" category. It's Anicet Miburo's movie about a child warrior that comes to a dead end. Unfortunately Anicet wasn't there to receive the prize (a video camera, that hopefully will be sent to him) and the least we can do is give him some space (and applauds) among our dishes.
> see the other two nominated movies:
Manger...!(eat...!) and Bon Voyage
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Burundi workshop movies


  1. this film doesn't want to play?

  2. just check again later. we have it playing alright, and got feedbacks from people who watched it so... probably just a temporary failure.