Saturday, December 27, 2008

it's a party!

a big thanks to those who sent us their tasety dishes!
and thank you too, those who meant to send some but didn't manage to...
and now, to the table!
(in the spirit of our non-hirarchy policy, the dishes appear in alphabetic order of their makers name)

barbara meyer cesta - ants
(now, how about this for a starter!)

barbara meyer cesta - madonna de saulcy

barbara meyer cesta- still alive

barbara meyer cesta -swiss tsunami

barbara meyer cesta - singing mountain 4274m

A homage to "I'll meet you here", a homage by David Horvitz to Bas Jan Ader from Caleb Engstrom on Vimeo.

cristina ohlmer - Sommerende 2007, ©CO2008

christoph Oertli - bayram

Henry Gwiazda - claudia and paul 7:04 am

Henry Gwiazda - claudia and paul 2:14 am

Henry Gwiazda - in bed with light

Henry Gwiazda - topless with church bell

irina birger - the end of the beginning

jan tichy - the MAM

MaryClare Brzytwa

max sackstein

max sackstein

ran slavin -Alenbi moment

ran slavin - Highway moment

su tomesen - police
The short video Police, shot at Tienanmen square in Beijing, shows a stationary police car at dusk. The blue rotating lights on the car are operating. Slowly some, in first instance curious, policemen appear in the frame.
The video was exhibited during the Videosummer in Petersburg Project Space in Amsterdam. In November Police was nominated for an Award at The One Minutes Award Night 2008 in Paradiso by jury member Hansje van Etten from Holland Doc / VPRO.

su tomesen - scraping
The short video Scraping was shot at Tienanmen square in Beijing shortly before the start of the Olympic Games. Scraping shows a small army of Chinese working at the square. They remove chewing gum and other dirt.
The video was nominated for a One Minute Award at The One Minutes Award Night 2008 in Paradiso by jury member Mieke Bernink of the Filmacademy.

tal sterngast - מכתב מנסיעה מדומה



anything for desert?
you bet.
coming soon, right on new year's day.

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