Sunday, August 17, 2008

waiting for the full pull

no, it's not the midwest but the neat and clean and green switzerland. a great saturday pastime with barbara and rudi and a bunch of hardcore farmers. if we were real video artists we would have made a whole piece out of it. but we are not, we're just tourists. and the link? check this, you can try some online potato peeling here.


  1. נהנתי. תודה.

  2. לכרמל וגם לתמר- שמחים מאד שנהנתן.
    תמר, אני לא יודעת איך נמחקה התגובה שלך, זה בטח לא בכוונה.
    אולי בהמשך נעשה מזה עוד מנה.